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12 Jan 2012

The Ultimate Celebrity Beauty Secret!

Stephen Wassall 

Skin Integrity has just become aware of the best kept beauty secret ever!  We now know what keeps those Hollywood stars looking amazing.  Watch the video below to reveal the secret.  This video is only recommended for those people with a sense of humour ............


Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

02 Dec 2011

Skin Integrity awarded Platinum Plus Status

Stephen Wassall 

Skin Integrity is pleased to be classified as a Platinum Plus Injecting Clinic. This status is awarded by Allergan, the manufacturer of the most popular and well known anti-wrinkle injection and dermal filler. It is an achievement that Skin Integrity is very proud of, particularly as Dr Wassall is the only doctor injecting at the clinic.

Platinum Plus status is a further reassurance that your cosmetic injections are being performed by a very eperienced practitioner. Dr Wassall started performing cosmetic procedures in 2002 and has performed thousands of procedures. Despite his experience, he maintains a very competitive pricing structure. Furthermore, Platinum Plus status guarantees that the product used is fresh, giving the best opportunity for optimal outcomes. By being based at one location on the Central Coast and not travelling to multiple sites the potential problem of product dergredation is also avoided.

10 Nov 2011

Medical Microdermabrasion Now Available

Stephen Wassall 

The combination of Microdermabrasion followed by Sonophoresis delivers healthy, radiant looking skin and is called Microplus.  It is an effective treatment for:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne, blackheads and congestion
  • Pigmentation  
  • Rejuvenation of dull, tired skin
  • Open pores

Skin Integrity is currently offering an introductory 30 minute treatment for $75.

For more information click here:


01 Nov 2011

Why Choose Dr Wassall?

Stephen Wassall 
Dr Stephen Wassall was born on the New South Wales Central Coast.  He continues to work and live on the Central Coast and is actively involved with the local community.  As he lives locally, he is available to attend to your needs in the unlikely event of a complication or side-effect.  

Some practitioners travel from other destinations to perform treatments on the Central Coast.  They will usually offer services at Beauty Salons or even hairdressers.  Some medical cosmetic treatments consist of the administration of a relatively fragile purified protein.  The integrity of this protein can suffer if it is not stored at a certain temperature or it is subject to movement.  Always ensure that your practitioner is using fresh, non-reconstituted product for each site they are performing procedures, particularly if they have travelled long distances.

Dr Wassall has been performing Medical Cosmetic Procedures on the Central Coast for 10 years.  He is highly experienced and has performed thousands of procedures.  Despite this, he offers a very competitive pricing structure.  Clients that purchase larger volumes of product can save more.  There are practitioners that are considerably less experienced charging considerably more for the same products.  Dr Wassall offers no obligation consultations and price quotations.

Dr Wassall is committed to ethics, integrity and professionalism.  He will not compromise his medical standards for profit.  He often declines to perform procedures he does not believe are in the best interests of his clients. For further information on Dr Wassall's education and training click here.

23 Oct 2011

MoleMax vs Digital Camera

Stephen Wassall 

Dr Wassall was the first doctor on the New South Wales Central Coast to use a MoleMax machine. This device is designed to take a digital image of a suspicious mole to allow monitoring for future changes which may indicate that it is a melanoma. Dr Wassall used this machine as the workhorse of his Skin Cancer Practice from 1998 until 2006. Due to advances in technology, Dr Wassall no longer uses the MoleMax camera but rather uses a digital camera attached to a dermatoscope to take photographs of suspicious moles.

A lot of patients ask him why he has changed his method. Look at the photographs below and the answer should be apparent.

Dr Wassall has taken a photograph of a melanoma using the two systems. The first photograph is taken with the MoleMax camera and the second one with a digital camera attached to a dermatoscope. It is obvious that the digital camera image is much clearer with more colours and features visible. These photographs had to be reduced in size for publication on the internet. When these photographs are looked at next to each other at full size the difference in quality is even more apparent. Some of the features that identify this lesion as a melanoma are not visible on the MoleMax photograph.

It is more time consuming to photograph and store images using a digital camera as opposed to a MoleMax machine. However, Dr Wassall believes the extra time and effort is justified when the differences in image quality are so significant. It is also for this reason that Dr Wassall uses hand held dermatoscopes for his examination rather than the MoleMax machine. He believes that the features visible with the MoleMax machine are often not sufficient to allow a precise diagnosis in many circumstances. His opinion is that the MoleMax machine is still a useful tool for monitoring moles for change but is not the best tool available for initial diagnosis.

For more photographs taken with a digital camera attached to a dermatoscope, please go to the Image Gallery.

30 Apr 2011

Mediskin Clinic to become Skin Integrity!

Stephen Wassall 
As many of you may be aware I recently resigned as a partner of Terrigal Medical Centre. From July Mediskin Clinic will be renamed Skin Integrity and I will be responsible for running the business. It will operate exclusively as a Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Medicine Clinic.

I wish to offer a premium Skin Cancer service and will be expanding the range of services available. Total Body Photography has been proven to be an invaluable tool in the early detection of melanoma in high risk individuals. I will installing a high quality photography studio to offer this service to new and existing patients. I have also recently invested in equipment to perform a procedure known as Photdynamic Therapy. Photodynamic Therapy is a light based treatment used to eliminate certain precancerous spots and superficial skin cancers. It gives excellent cosmetic results and is considered the gold standard treatment for skin cancers in certain circumstances. This system complements the array of treatment options I already offer to ensure each patient is given the optimum treatment for their particular condition. I will also be setting up a dedicated Operating Theatre with modern sterilising and surgical equipment. We are also hoping to offer twilight sedation and will be able to perform more complex surgical procedures onsite than is currently possible. We will continue to use digital monitoring of suspicious moles but with higher resolution cameras and monitors.

I will be employing Registered Nurses and investing in their ongoing education in Skin Cancer Medicine. They will be able to assist me in offering the highest standard of care. I have completed a Masters Degree in Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine and I am hoping to continue my education. 

New computers and software will be installed to streamline the appointment process. SMS and email reminders will be available for appointments and follow up. We are hopeful of reducing waiting times for appointments and improving access to care. We will also be liasing more closely with your usual GP to ensure they are informed of significant findings.

The aim of Skin Integrity is to offer the highest quality Primary Care Skin Cancer service possible. Service and treatments will be personalised and optimised for each individual. As you can imagine, the costs involved in setting up and running a premium service of this nature are considerable. Unfortunately the Medicare rebate from the Government is insufficient to subsidise this level of service and facilities. As a result, there will be a modest increase in fees for skin checks and procedures performed in the Operating Theatre.  Discounts are available for Pensioners and Children under 16 but bulk billing will generally be unavailable. I understand that some individuals suffer genuine financial hardship and I am always happy to discuss individual circumstances to ensure patients are not denied access to care.

Skin Integrity will offer a more comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment services than any other Primary Care Skin Cancer facility on the Central Coast.
23 Aug 2009

What is the Best Dermal Filler?

Stephen Wassall 
I am often asked which dermal filler is the best.  The short answer to this is that there isn't one - it is like asking if Coca Cola is better than Pepsi.

In my practice I only use temporary hyaluronic acid fillers.  These are by far the most popular type of filler with a proven record of safety and efficacy.  There are three brands of  hyaluronic acid fillers that I use and each of these brands has several products within the range. 

Why do I use so many different products - simply because one product does not fulfil all my requirements.  Products come in different sized syringes, some are thicker than others, some are mixed with local anaesthetic etc.  Some of the products will stay pretty much where they are injected, whilst others tend to merge into the surrounding tissues.  As a result, I prefer certain products in some areas of the face and others in different areas.  Some products can be injected close to the surface for superficial wrinkles whilst others are better for deeper folds.

Therefore, I may utilise different products on the same patient.  As a patient ages the most suitable filler for them may change (afterall, nobody says you need to drink Coca-Cola all your life!).  It is important to match the needs of the patient with the characteristics of the product being used to maximise the patient outcomes and minimise potential problems.

Therefore, my advice is to find a doctor that you feel comfortable communicating with and discuss your requirements with him or her.  They should be able to explain which dermal filler they feel is best for you and why.
23 Aug 2009

What is a Cosmetic Physician?

Stephen Wassall 
Cosmetic Physician is a title commonly used to describe a Medical Practitioner that provides one or more non-surgical medical procedures designed to augment or enhance their patient's appearance.  Procedures performed include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser and IPL therapy, cosmetic mole removal, acne treatments, leg and facial vein treatments, microdermabrasion and photodynamic therapy.

It is important to realise that the the title Cosmetic Physician is not a recognised specialist qualification.  No exam or post-graduate study is required to use this tiltle.  In fact, any registered Medical Practitioner could refer to himself as a Cosmetic Physician.  This is potentially somewhat confusing as the tiltle Physician generally refers to a recognised specialist with post-graduate training and qualifications.  It is for this reason that I personally use the term Cosmetic Medicine Doctor.

In Australia there is no government recognised post-graduate Cosmetic Medicine or Cosmetic Surgery qualification.  There is no officially recognised training or accreditation in any of the procedures.  Training generally is provided by drug companies that produce the products that Cosmetic Doctors use.  This is not to say that training is inadequate.  In fact, my experience has been that the training and ongoing education provided by these companies is excellent. 

There are two groups in Australia that represent doctors paractising non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  These are the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine and the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia.  No exam needs to be passed to become a Member of either of these Societies (check the websites for further details on Membership).  Both these Societies provide educational events and seminars as well as offering more advanced education such as Diplomas and Fellowships.  Whilst I am a supporter of ongoing education it is important to realise that none of these qualifications are recognised by the government as conferring specialist status. 
23 Aug 2009

Excess Underarm Sweat

Stephen Wassall 

Excessive underarm sweating is a problem that affects many adults.   It can lead to stained and ruined clothes, embarrassment and social withdrawal.  Sufferers may not be able to follow their chosen career due to an inability to comfortably wear a particular colour or type of uniform.  If sweating is significantly interfering with your daily activities and over the counter agents have been ineffective, you may be a candidate for treatment with an injectable medicine.   Management of excess hand and foot perspiration is less successful and painful. It is important to see an experienced doctor to discuss products and all treatment options. Management of excess hand and foot perspiration is less successful, painful and more expensive.

The injectable medication used is also product  for facial cosmetic procedures.  In the treatment of excess perspiration it works by blocking the release of a substance, which activates the sweat glands. The effects of the treatment are usually apparent within a week of treatment and generally control excess perspiration for nine to twelve months.

Excess perspiration treatment usually takes 30 minutes and there is no specific aftercare required. Unfortunately, the cost of treatment for is not covered by Medicare but may be partially claimable from your Health Fund.  Dr Wassall offers this treatment for $950 which is significantly less than most other practitioners.

For more information please contact us.

16 Nov 2008

New Dermal Filler Available

Stephen Wassall 

I recently started using a new dermal filler. Unfortunately, TGA restrictions prohibit me from naming it in the public section of the website. However, registered users can access further information, including prices, in the Spring 2008 Newsletter. It is a hyaluronic based filler similar to the other fillers I currently use. As a result, it has many similarities with these products and can be used in the same areas. Typical applications include lip augmentation, nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

However, there are some differences with this product in comparison with the other fillers. Firstly, the manufacturer produces a "soft" product which is particularly useful for correcting superficial lines and wrinkles. This can be particularly useful around the eyes or mouth and can be used as a stand alone treatment or in combination with other treatments. Some of the other fillers tend to be a little lumpy or can be visible when injected in fine lines. In addition, the range comes in two sizes (0.6ml and 1.0ml). This allows flexibility in treatment and pricing options for clients who require a small volume of product. It is a very natural feeling product and longevity is reported as being similar (generally around 6-8 months) to other temporary fillers. However, you would not expect the "soft" product to last as long. Longevity is also variable between clients and is also influenced by the area being treated.

As a result of adding this new product, I am able to offer more flexibility and treatment options for clients. There is no single best filler – each client’s requirements need to be matched with the available products to determine the most appropriate treatment.

For more information on this product please contact Dr Wassall at Mediskin Clinic on 4385 5900 or click on the link below:

  • SAFETY: A genuine medical clinic offering safety, discretion, hygiene, sterility and the ability to deal with emergencies. These standards are not available in Beauty Salons with visiting practitioners.
  • VALUE: The best prices for injectable cosmetic treatments performed by a doctor on the Central Coast.
  • EXPERIENCE: Dr Wassall has been practising Cosmetic Medicine since 2002 and has performed over 10 000 procedures.
  • REWARDS: Cosmetic clients of Skin Integrity will also have the option of receiving access to Special Offers and Promotions. These include discounts on anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.