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16 Nov 2008

New Dermal Filler Available

Stephen Wassall 

I recently started using a new dermal filler. Unfortunately, TGA restrictions prohibit me from naming it in the public section of the website. However, registered users can access further information, including prices, in the Spring 2008 Newsletter. It is a hyaluronic based filler similar to the other fillers I currently use. As a result, it has many similarities with these products and can be used in the same areas. Typical applications include lip augmentation, nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

However, there are some differences with this product in comparison with the other fillers. Firstly, the manufacturer produces a "soft" product which is particularly useful for correcting superficial lines and wrinkles. This can be particularly useful around the eyes or mouth and can be used as a stand alone treatment or in combination with other treatments. Some of the other fillers tend to be a little lumpy or can be visible when injected in fine lines. In addition, the range comes in two sizes (0.6ml and 1.0ml). This allows flexibility in treatment and pricing options for clients who require a small volume of product. It is a very natural feeling product and longevity is reported as being similar (generally around 6-8 months) to other temporary fillers. However, you would not expect the "soft" product to last as long. Longevity is also variable between clients and is also influenced by the area being treated.

As a result of adding this new product, I am able to offer more flexibility and treatment options for clients. There is no single best filler – each client’s requirements need to be matched with the available products to determine the most appropriate treatment.

For more information on this product please contact Dr Wassall at Mediskin Clinic on 4385 5900 or click on the link below:

06 Jul 2008

ASAP Products now Available

Stephen Wassall 

After considerable research, Dr Wassall has decided to stock the ASAP product range. This is a highly affordable, scientifically validated range of cosmeceuticals. Many of the products contain glycolic acid which has been proven to reverse the signs of photoageing. The product range includes a facial cleanser, exfoliating facial scrub, daily moisturiser with sunscreen, anti-ageing night cream, eye repair serum, advanced hydrating moisturiser, vitamin C repair serum, clearskin gel and a soothing gel. Feedback from clients (especially my wife!) has been excellent.

These products can be purchased from Mediskin Clinic (Ph: 4385 5900).

To purchase online click here

17 May 2008

TCA Peels Hitting the Spot

Stephen Wassall 

Dr Wassall has begun offering trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels to his patients. This treatment is good for sun damaged facial skin and can reverse many of the signs of ageing. The feedback from clients has been excellent with significant improvement in skin quality being noted. The strength of the peel can be adjusted to fit the amount of down time the client is prepared to undergo and can vary from a couple of days up to one week. Obviously, the deeper the peel the more dramatic the result but great results can also be achieved using a series of lighter peels.

Please look at the Chemical Peel section on the website for further information.

17 Apr 2008

Cosmetic Medicine Update

Stephen Wassall 

Dr Wassall was recently fortunate enough to attend the annual Cosmetic Medicine Conference on the Gold Coast. This four day conference was attended by a variety of local and international doctors who specialise or have an interest in Cosmetic Surgery of non-invasive Cosmetic Medicine.

One consistent message from the conference was that more and more clients are leaning towards non-invasive methods for facial rejuvenation as opposed to the more traditional surgical procedures such as facelifts or laser resurfacing. In today's busy society, people are unable to afford the down time associated with more aggressive invasive treatments.

Procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and lighter chemical peels are becoming increasingly popular. Lasers are now being designed to offer treatments with less down time. An example of this is the Fraxel Laser which works by shooting thousands of tiny little channels into the skin in order to stimulate collagen production.

Interestingly, new injection techniques are being used with dermal fillers, particularly around the eyes and midface. This is being utilised mainly to reduce "tear troughs" and volume losses that occur around the eyes and cheeks as we age. Dr Wassall has now received extra training in these techniques and is offering them to his clients.

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