About Skin Integrity

Skin Integrity was established in 2011 by Dr Stephen Wassall.  He had previously operated Mediskin Clinic from the same Terrigal location since 2002. Skin Integrity represents his vision of integrating a high quality, ethical Skin Cancer Clinic with a comprehensive non-surgical, medical grade facial rejuvenation service.

Dr Wassall has been working in the field of Skin Cancer Medicine since 1998 and Cosmetic Medicine since 2003.  He has worked as a partner and owner of Medical, Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinics since 1996.  He has used this combined experience to develop Skin Integrity.

Skin Cancer Clinic

At Skin Integrity our primary focus is on offering you the highest quality care.  We always put the interests of our patients first.  All of our doctors are committed to excellence and ongoing education and training.
Skin Integrity a comprehensive skin cancer diagnosis and treatment centre incorporating the latest technology.  You will receive a thorough examination using a technique known as dermoscopy - the gold standard in melanoma diagnosis.  We also offer you digital mole monitoring and total body photography to enhance the ability to diagnose skin cancer at the earliest possible stage. Treatments offered include surgical excision and non-surgical treatments such as photodynamic therapy.

No other Skin Cancer Clinic on the Central Coast can offer you full the range of diagnostic and treatment services that Skin Integrity offers.

Cosmetic Services

Skin Integrity offers a variety of non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, laser & IPL and chemical peels.  These procedures are becoming increasingly popular but unfortunately the standards associated with these treatments isn't necessarily improving.  Skin Integrity aims to offer these services in an appropriate medical environment with appropriately qualified staff.

Cosmetic procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are medical procedures.  As such, they are best performed in a medical environment. There are several beauty salons and even hairdressers on the Central Coast that offer cosmetic injectable treatments.  Be aware that some salons are marketing themselves as "clinics".  A true clinic is primarily a medical facility.

A purpose built or dedicated environment such as Skin Integrity has the following advantages:
  • Rigorous hygiene and sterility standards.  The standards required for accredited medical clinics exceeds those required in beauty salons.  
  • Adequate lighting to ensure accurate clinical assessment  and avoid blood vessels on the face when injecting.  This decreases the risk of bruising.
  • Sufficient room and purpose built layout, ergonomic design and positioning ability of treatment couches.  This helps position the patient correctly to enhance assessment and improve the ability of the injector to precisely deliver products exactly where they are intended to be placed.
  • Assurance of confidentiality and discretion.  Apart from the absolute necessity of all health practitioners to ensure patient confidentiality, it is also important to ensure that the clinic is designed to offer separate waiting and reception areas as well as treatment rooms being completely separated from public areas of the clinic.  This level of privacy can help avoid incidental breaches of confidentiality caused by clients over hearing other people's conversations. 
  • Option for nursing support and assistance. Having an extra set of hands can help with patient comfort and help ensure your injector is able to deliver the best result.
  • Ability to administer appropriate medical grade pain relief. This can include numbing creams, nerve blocks and inhaled analgesia. These methods should only be performed in a medical setting where potential complications can be managed.
  • Ability to deal with a medical emergency.  Although rare, allergic reactions and complications do occur.  Sometimes people simply faint after having a procedure.  If having your injections in a non-medical environment it is still advisable to have access to basic medical equipment such as oxygen and emergency medication.
Anybody performing any medical procedure should be appropriately trained.  There are several practitioners on the Central Coast performing anti-wrinkle injections.  Some have been doing this for many years and some are considerably less experienced.  Some of these are doctors and some are nurses. Unfortunately, there is no minimum medical standard for performing anti-wrinkle and cosmetic injections.


  • SAFETY: A genuine medical clinic offering safety, discretion, hygiene, sterility and the ability to deal with emergencies. These standards are not available in Beauty Salons with visiting practitioners.
  • VALUE: The best prices for injectable cosmetic treatments performed by a doctor on the Central Coast.
  • EXPERIENCE: Dr Wassall has been practising Cosmetic Medicine since 2002 and has performed over 10 000 procedures.
  • REWARDS: Cosmetic clients of Skin Integrity will also have the option of receiving access to Special Offers and Promotions. These include discounts on anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.