Collagen Induction Therapy


What Is Collagen Induction Therapy?

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is also known as Skin Needling,  Dermaneedling, Microneedling Therapy or Percutaneous Collagen Induction is a treatment where a device with multiple tiny needles is manually applied to the skin to create tiny holes which stimulates collagen growth.  When the skin in punctured, the body’s natural healing process repairs the skin by producing collagen and elastin. 


Why Would I Need Collagen Induction Therapy?

Collagen Induction Therapy can be used to improve acne scarring, enlarged pores, scars, fine lines and wrinkles as well as general skin rejuvenation.


What Does A Treatment Involve?

A topical anaesthetic cream is applied 1 hour before the treatment to numb the area to be treated.  The medical device contains multiple sterile needles and is swept across the skin.  The vibrating device then creates tiny holes in the skin. 

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, after which the client is then placed under a red LED light for 20 minutes, to reduce any swelling and redness.

A camouflage makeup is then applied to cover any redness and a post treatment cream is prescribed.


Does The Treatment Hurt?

A topical anaesthetic cream is applied 1 hour before treatments to ensure minimal discomfort.


How Many Treatments are Needed?

At least three treatments are recommended to see an improvement but generally a course of six treatments is recommended.


What Are The Benefits of Collagen Induction Therapy?

  • Tighter, plumper skin due to the natural collagen induction produced after the treatment. 
  • A reduction in the prominence of scars
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces pore size
  • Evenness of skin tone
  • SAFETY: A genuine medical clinic offering safety, discretion, hygiene, sterility and the ability to deal with emergencies. These standards are not available in Beauty Salons with visiting practitioners.
  • VALUE: The best prices for injectable cosmetic treatments performed by a doctor on the Central Coast.
  • EXPERIENCE: Dr Wassall has been practising Cosmetic Medicine since 2002 and has performed over 10 000 procedures.
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