Laser Skin Rejuvenation

We lose 2% of our collagen every year from the age of 20.  Regular laser treatments can halt or even reverse this process.


Skin Integrity has a Fotona Dynamis SP Laser which is a TGA approved, medical grade laser. 

The Fotona Dynamis SP is actually two lasers in one as it has two different hand pieces which can be used alone or in a variety of combinations to allow the clinician to tailor a program specific for your skin rejuvenation needs. The laser can treat fine lines and wrinkles, surface pigmentation and also help tighten skin and prevent skin ageing by contracting and stimulating collagen growth. 


Fractional Ablative Therapy

Fractional ablative therapy involves firing thousands of tiny channels into the skin. These microscopic wounds stimulate a natural healing response so that the area will be replaced with new, tighter and healthier tissue. The strength of the treatment can be adjusted to create a balance between downtime and effectiveness. The aim is to produce a cleaner, tighter and fresher complexion with less surface wrinkles.  Between one and 4 treatments are usually required depending on the condition of the skin and the strength of each treatment.

FRAC3 (also known as Laser Genesis)

The FRAC3 treatment is a non-ablative revolution in skin rejuvenation.  FRAC3 utilises Nd.Yag laser to stimulate the skins natural capacity to rejuvenate by inducing micro wounds in prematurely aged or damaged portions of the dermis and epidermis.  The laser creates a 3 dimensional matrix of micro wounds which are concentrated at specific depths of the existing skin damage.  As the surrounding tissue remains unaffected and the treatment intensity is minimised, you can have a healthy, natural glow without the discomfort and downtime associated with other procedures.  FRAC3 is also used to treat diffuse redness and rosacea .
This safe and non-invasive procedure and often referred to as a "lunch hour laser".  Generally 3-6 treatments are required for best results.

Laser Peel

A full face laser peel can be performed to improve surface skin imperfections and restore a more even skin tone and texture.  Laser peels are usually performed in combination with other modalities such as fractional resurfacing and skin tightening to achieve more dramatic results.
Laser Toning & Tightening
Skin toning and tightening is a non-ablative treatment with minimal downtime designed to treat the deeper layers of the skin.  By heating the dermis collagen growth is stimulated and existing collagen is remodelled.  This treatment is well tolerated and no specific preparation or anaesthetic cream is required.  A series of up to 6 treatments every 2 to 4 weeks can result in an improvement in skin laxity, skin texture and tone around the jowls, midface and neck.  4-6 treatments are generally required for best results.

Elite Laser Services

Fiona Mills from Elite Laser Services visits Skin Integrity on a fortnightly basis.

She has extensive  experience as a Laser Specialist and has studied laser science. She invests in the most advanced and safest equipment, the Palomar Starlux, Palomar Multilux, and Palomar Q5—Yag; state of the art American machinery with the Australian TGA approval, offering fast, safe and comfortable treatments with optimum results.

Cheaper machinery that can be purchased in the market are not TGA approved and therefore companies using this machinery are unable to provide adequate public liability insurance and are risking their clients with machines that don't have certified safety standards. These machines are often under powered and do not achieve clinical parameters. Elite Laser provides a very personalised and thorough service whereby, following a comprehensive consultation and examination of client, and can recommend the appropriate safe and effective treatment option for them.

Hair Removal:  Quick and relatively painless treatment for the removal of unwanted hair on any part of the body. Get hair free, smooth skin.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation used on the face, neck, chest, hands or anywhere you feel needs revitalising. Rejuvenation treatments can treat sun damage, freckles, broken capillaries and rosacea. It will help to refine the skins texture, give you a clearer complexion and add luster.

Clear and Brilliant  improves conditions present in superficial and deeper layers of the skin. Non-invasive skin resurfacing is suitable for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes & cheeks. It can also treat deeper pigmented lesions, scarring and melasma (hormonal pigmentation). Fractional laser helps promote production of new collagen, plumping the skin and helping to smooth out wrinkles.


Fiona Mills is an independent contractor and not an employee or agent of Skin Integrity.




  • SAFETY: A genuine medical clinic offering safety, discretion, hygiene, sterility and the ability to deal with emergencies. These standards are not available in Beauty Salons with visiting practitioners.
  • VALUE: The best prices for injectable cosmetic treatments performed by a doctor on the Central Coast.
  • EXPERIENCE: Dr Wassall has been practising Cosmetic Medicine since 2002 and has performed over 10 000 procedures.
  • REWARDS: Cosmetic clients of Skin Integrity will also have the option of receiving access to Special Offers and Promotions. These include discounts on anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.