Skin Quality and Texture

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Skin Quality and Texture

Many people focus on lines and wrinkles as they age but skin quality and texture is just as important.

A deterioration in skin quality is inevitable as we age due to a break down of collagen causing thinning of the skin and also fine lines. Loss of collagen also leads to sagginess. Skin pigmentation also increases as we age and can be exacerbated by environmental factors such as excess sun exposure. Smoking and a poor diet also hasten the deterioration in skin quality and texture.

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Improving skin quality and texture is an achievable goal for everybody. However, it is a gradual process taking many months of treatments to see meaningful improvements. Each individual will require an assessment and treatment plan to optimise outcomes. Overtime the frequency of treatments can be reduced to maintain results.


Improvement in skin quality and texture is usually requires several modalities. The reduction in the quality and quantity of collagen can be improved with laser skin rejuvenation using a treatment called FRAC3. This is a gradual treatment requiring multiple treatment sessions but over time can give very good results.

Collagen Induction Therapy can rejuvenate the skin. Specific areas of thin skin and crepey skin can be improved with platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP). PRP involves reinjection of treated blood back into the skin to stimulate a wound healing response leading to improved skin quality in the treated area.

Surface pigmentation can also be addressed with laser treatments such as fractionated ablative therapy or intense pulsed light (IPL). Ablative laser removes the outer layer of skin whilst IPL helps bring deeper pigmentation to the surface.

All of these treatments can be enhanced and maintained by good quality skin care using medical grade cosmeceuticals. Regular sunscreen use to minimise UV exposure is vitally important.

Laser Skin Treatment Collagen Induction Therapy

Skin Quality and Texture

As we age we lose collagen which causes thin skin, facial sagginess and fine lines. Smoking accelerates this process. Pigmentation also occurs and is exacerbated by sun exposure.

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